This is the only ENGLISH BLOG of FUCA-UZSHI.

New FUCA-UZSHI Seminar is Coming Up


We are planning to give FUCA-USHI Basic Seminar at Friesoythe.


Schedule   16th March – 19th March 2017 (4 days course)


This course will provide foundation for an understanding of FUCA-UZSHI.


The participants will acquire basic knowledge and skills of FUCA System.


FUCA-UZSHI is founded by Keisuke Fujibuchi in 2014 and is spreading all over the world.


This course is ideal for Chiropractors and other therapists to learn front-line technique.


Seats are limited!


If you need any further information, please send me a message or direct contact to the organizer Sharaf Beitar.    info@praxis-beitar.de

FUCA-UZSHI seminar in Europe.


I am packing my suitcase, because we will be off to Germany next week.


As we announced on Facebook, the founder of FUCA-UZSHI・Keisuke Fujibuchi is holding FUCA seminar in Germany!


This will be the second time to hold FUCA seminar in Europe.


Here is the information.


・Advanced course (FUCA-UZSHI)  25 Feb – 28 Feb 2016 (4 days)


・Basic course (FUCA) 2 Mar- 6 Mar 2016 (5 days)


Advanced course is only for people who have done Basic course.


Venue is The Chiropractic Office Beitar in Friesoythe Germany .


If you are interested in taking Basic course and need more information, please send a direct message to  sabine.beitar@web.de




We are planning to hold FUCA seminar in Europe regularly.


If you miss this opportunity, don’t worry about it!


Please wait for next seminar comes up.


Or more conveniently, offer us holding seminar in your country.



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The new FUCA seminar is coming up in January 2016!

I have exciting news today!


The founder of FUCA-UZSHI,Keisuke Fujibuchi has just announced that he will hold FUCA basic seminar in Japan. (English only)


It is scheduled for 26th January-30th January 2016.


We are now looking for participants.


We accept anybody who take an interest in FUCA system.


This will be a great opportunity to understand what FUCA system is.





For further information.


Feel free to contact us!





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Want to learn FUCA-UZSHI?


Today, I will tell you how to learn FUCA-UZSHI.


As you know FUCA-UZSHI is the latest technique of FUCA system created by Keisuke Fujibuchi in 2014. 


You need to learn FUCA and FUCA-TIRA befor learning FUCA-UZSHI,of course, philosophy too.


If you take FUCA seminar, it may require two or three steps of seminars, like a beginners’ course and an advanced course, etc…


The best way to learn FUCA is to visit Keisuke Fujibuchi’s office in Japan and to take his seminar in his office or any other place near his office.


You can feel an atmosphere, spend time with Keisuke, see his historical staff and even touch his own knee-chest tables.


That will be a great experience, if you decide to practice FUCA-UZSHI in your life.


So, if you are interested in learning FUCA.


Just tell us know, when you can come, how many people can come with you, how long you can stay…


Then we can organize FUCA seminar for you!


Don’t be hesitate, just pack your staff and jump on the plane!


A week later, your life will have been changed completly!


Trust me! I am so sure!





Coming to Japan is too far and cost fortune?


OK, hear is another option to learn FUCA.


We can also visit  your country to have a seminar for you!


In fact, the founder of FUCA-UZSHI Keisuke Fujibuchi and his interpreter Tomohide Iida D.C. have been to Germany to have their first seminar in Europe in July 2015.



It was a basic seminar take five days.


I haven't been there unfortunately, but I heard it was very successful.


The Euro branch of FUCA network will be established soon and next seminar is coming up next year.


Yes!  “FUCA-UZSHI” is spreading all over the world!


There is No time to wait! Let’s learn and start practicing “FUCA-UZSHI “ASAP!!




Do you want FUCA seminar in your country?


Yes, we can go anywhere! Just ask us!



Here is contact information.


Tomohide Iida D.C. is Keisuke Fujibuchi’s general agent, check his English page!

You can contact him directly!





And here is my office’s English page.

You can also contact me via E-mail!



You can also find us on Facebook!


We’re really looking forward to meeting you soon!




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The founder of FUCA-UZSHI・KEISUKE FUJIBUCHI ②  How did he create UZSHI?

In June 2014, six students of Life Chiropractic College West came to Keisuke Fujibuchi’s office (Takamatsu, Japan) to learn his original Chiropractic technique FUCA.




They took Basic FUCA Course.


(FUCA stands for Fujibuchi Upper  Cervical Adjustment.)


He had had many students, but actually it was the first time to have foreign students and he doesn't speak English.

So,one of his student Tomohide Iida D.C.(Dr.Tomo) and I stayed in Keisuke’s office to help holding the seminar.  

Dr.Tomo graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, so he was the main translator.

I suported him and Keisuke as a second translator.

The seminar was a great success!

They learned FUCA a lot, and they even tried their first adjustment of FUCA technique. 

They got a straight line of  Tytron!!



They brought FUCA system back to the U.S. and had FUCA presentation for other students in ther college.

I've heared  hundreds of students are interested in learning FUCA system.




During the seminar, one of students said just after getting FUCA-TIRA.

(FUCA-TIRA was the latest technique of FUCA at that time.)


“I really feel happy!  It is like drug!”

Of course we DIDN’T take any drug at all, but that coment was very helpful.


It gave Keisuke a supportive push foward to the next level.


Keisuke realized that FUCA-TIRA was crossing over Chiropractic.


He thought that he should give it new name.


A couple days later, he decided to create a whole new his original method.


It is named FUCA-UZSHI.

(Stands for Fujibuchi Upper Cervical Area-UZSHI)


UZSHI was named after the one of the ancient word of Japanese.


He finally reached his ultimate method,and  it took him over 20 years.


He says ”UZSHI is NOT Chiropractic. It is UZSHI. The purpose of UZSHI is making people’s life better.”


It is NOT about spine.


It is NOT about Subluxation.


It is about HUMAN LIFE.





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Today,I'm gonna introduce KEISUKE FUJIBUCHI.

As you know,he is the one who created FUCA-UZSHI.

I use a word "create " for UZSHI, because it is not just a technique.

We believe it is THE ART!


Ok,now let's talk about Keisuke.

He was born on third June 1959, so he is 56 years old at the moment.

He began his career as a Chiropracter when he was 30.

He learned Chiropractic in Japan, but he wasn't satisfied with ordinary Chiropractic(This means mixers Chiropractic.).

Then he started to learn STRAIGHT CHIROPRACTIC after a couple years later.

At the biginning he learned himself, because there wasn't any person who practicing Straight Chiropractic near by.



Then he finally flighted to the U.S.  to meet real Straight Chiropracter and to learn Straight Chiropractic from them.

After all he has been to the U.S a few times and has visited  a few Universities and Colleges.

He also met his mentor Dr.Leroy G. Moore D.C.in Sherman College Of Straight Chiropractic.


(These are the first his original Knee-Chest table "FUJIBUCHI SPECIA MarkⅠ")


After practicing Straight Chiropractic many years in Japan.

In 2000, his performance on Straight Chiropractic in Japan was regarded highly by Sherman College Of Straight Chiropractic.

Now, you can find his picture in Sherman College Gallery of Honor 52 as one of Heroes and Legends of Chiropractic!



Keisuke Fujibuchi is a leader in the promotion of straight chiropractic in his native japan.

He is President of the Japan HIO Chiropractic Association and instructor of upper Cervical knee-Chest technique in Japan. He maintains a straight chiropractic office in Takamatsu City.
A regular visitor to the Sherman College campus.Mr.Fujibuchi is a generous sup porter of Sherman College and straight chiropractic education.





To be continued・・・


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Hello. My name is HIROKI. I am a performer of FUCA-UZSHI in Japan.


Thesedays, many people who live in overseas are interested in FUCA system.

Just a few days ago, the founder of FUCA-UZSHI ・KEISUKE FUJIBUCHI had the first seminar in Germany. That made me sure that UZSHI is spreding all over the world. 

So, I decided to write English blog of FUCA-UZSHI.

I am sure that this is the only blog of FUCA-UZSHI so far.

But the problem is I am NOT the native English speaker as you know.

I think It is hard to tell the philosophy of UZSHI in English.

UZSHI is the technique based on Upper Cervical Chiropractic, but it has own philosophy.

I want you to understand that UZSHI is the whole new method created by KEISUKE FUJIBUCHI in 2014.

It is NOT the part of Chiropractic or any other therapy at all.




So it attracts many people living in all over the world !

If you understand UZSHI 100 percent , You may need to understand our culture too.

But please don't make it so difficult or complicate.

It is soooo simple! Because It is just following Natural (Universal) Law!

Anyway, I will try to tell you the world of FUCA-UZSHI little by little!

I am not sure how often I can write. This colud be the last one......Just kiding.

I will try as possible as I can. Let’s enjoy and share UZSHI together!




FUCA-UZSHI is the ART! It is the MASTERPIECE expressed by the client and the UZSHI master!

 By Tomohide Iida D.C.


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