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Today,I'm gonna introduce KEISUKE FUJIBUCHI.

As you know,he is the one who created FUCA-UZSHI.

I use a word "create " for UZSHI, because it is not just a technique.

We believe it is THE ART!


Ok,now let's talk about Keisuke.

He was born on third June 1959, so he is 56 years old at the moment.

He began his career as a Chiropracter when he was 30.

He learned Chiropractic in Japan, but he wasn't satisfied with ordinary Chiropractic(This means mixers Chiropractic.).

Then he started to learn STRAIGHT CHIROPRACTIC after a couple years later.

At the biginning he learned himself, because there wasn't any person who practicing Straight Chiropractic near by.



Then he finally flighted to the U.S.  to meet real Straight Chiropracter and to learn Straight Chiropractic from them.

After all he has been to the U.S a few times and has visited  a few Universities and Colleges.

He also met his mentor Dr.Leroy G. Moore D.C.in Sherman College Of Straight Chiropractic.


(These are the first his original Knee-Chest table "FUJIBUCHI SPECIA MarkⅠ")


After practicing Straight Chiropractic many years in Japan.

In 2000, his performance on Straight Chiropractic in Japan was regarded highly by Sherman College Of Straight Chiropractic.

Now, you can find his picture in Sherman College Gallery of Honor 52 as one of Heroes and Legends of Chiropractic!



Keisuke Fujibuchi is a leader in the promotion of straight chiropractic in his native japan.

He is President of the Japan HIO Chiropractic Association and instructor of upper Cervical knee-Chest technique in Japan. He maintains a straight chiropractic office in Takamatsu City.
A regular visitor to the Sherman College campus.Mr.Fujibuchi is a generous sup porter of Sherman College and straight chiropractic education.





To be continued・・・


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