This is the only ENGLISH BLOG of FUCA-UZSHI.

The founder of FUCA-UZSHI・KEISUKE FUJIBUCHI ②  How did he create UZSHI?

In June 2014, six students of Life Chiropractic College West came to Keisuke Fujibuchi’s office (Takamatsu, Japan) to learn his original Chiropractic technique FUCA.




They took Basic FUCA Course.


(FUCA stands for Fujibuchi Upper  Cervical Adjustment.)


He had had many students, but actually it was the first time to have foreign students and he doesn't speak English.

So,one of his student Tomohide Iida D.C.(Dr.Tomo) and I stayed in Keisuke’s office to help holding the seminar.  

Dr.Tomo graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, so he was the main translator.

I suported him and Keisuke as a second translator.

The seminar was a great success!

They learned FUCA a lot, and they even tried their first adjustment of FUCA technique. 

They got a straight line of  Tytron!!



They brought FUCA system back to the U.S. and had FUCA presentation for other students in ther college.

I've heared  hundreds of students are interested in learning FUCA system.




During the seminar, one of students said just after getting FUCA-TIRA.

(FUCA-TIRA was the latest technique of FUCA at that time.)


“I really feel happy!  It is like drug!”

Of course we DIDN’T take any drug at all, but that coment was very helpful.


It gave Keisuke a supportive push foward to the next level.


Keisuke realized that FUCA-TIRA was crossing over Chiropractic.


He thought that he should give it new name.


A couple days later, he decided to create a whole new his original method.


It is named FUCA-UZSHI.

(Stands for Fujibuchi Upper Cervical Area-UZSHI)


UZSHI was named after the one of the ancient word of Japanese.


He finally reached his ultimate method,and  it took him over 20 years.


He says ”UZSHI is NOT Chiropractic. It is UZSHI. The purpose of UZSHI is making people’s life better.”


It is NOT about spine.


It is NOT about Subluxation.


It is about HUMAN LIFE.





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