This is the only ENGLISH BLOG of FUCA-UZSHI.

Want to learn FUCA-UZSHI?


Today, I will tell you how to learn FUCA-UZSHI.


As you know FUCA-UZSHI is the latest technique of FUCA system created by Keisuke Fujibuchi in 2014. 


You need to learn FUCA and FUCA-TIRA befor learning FUCA-UZSHI,of course, philosophy too.


If you take FUCA seminar, it may require two or three steps of seminars, like a beginners’ course and an advanced course, etc…


The best way to learn FUCA is to visit Keisuke Fujibuchi’s office in Japan and to take his seminar in his office or any other place near his office.


You can feel an atmosphere, spend time with Keisuke, see his historical staff and even touch his own knee-chest tables.


That will be a great experience, if you decide to practice FUCA-UZSHI in your life.


So, if you are interested in learning FUCA.


Just tell us know, when you can come, how many people can come with you, how long you can stay…


Then we can organize FUCA seminar for you!


Don’t be hesitate, just pack your staff and jump on the plane!


A week later, your life will have been changed completly!


Trust me! I am so sure!





Coming to Japan is too far and cost fortune?


OK, hear is another option to learn FUCA.


We can also visit  your country to have a seminar for you!


In fact, the founder of FUCA-UZSHI Keisuke Fujibuchi and his interpreter Tomohide Iida D.C. have been to Germany to have their first seminar in Europe in July 2015.



It was a basic seminar take five days.


I haven't been there unfortunately, but I heard it was very successful.


The Euro branch of FUCA network will be established soon and next seminar is coming up next year.


Yes!  “FUCA-UZSHI” is spreading all over the world!


There is No time to wait! Let’s learn and start practicing “FUCA-UZSHI “ASAP!!




Do you want FUCA seminar in your country?


Yes, we can go anywhere! Just ask us!



Here is contact information.


Tomohide Iida D.C. is Keisuke Fujibuchi’s general agent, check his English page!

You can contact him directly!





And here is my office’s English page.

You can also contact me via E-mail!



You can also find us on Facebook!


We’re really looking forward to meeting you soon!




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